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AfterStep is a window manager for the X/Windows environment. Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface, AfterStep has evolved into its own creature. These pages provide an introduction into the world of AfterStep, and serve as a distribution point for the latest releases.

Latest News
  • 2/6/99 Both a new stable (1.6.10) and development (1.7.37) version have been released! The stable has bug fixes to keep Eterm/aterm running transparency from crashing on a Restart (see the Changelog); while the Development version has some very exciting new features - check out it's Changelog; on the download page.
  • 2/5/99 We are all very happy to have a true AfterStep'r maintaining, our very own Arjuna Shunn (aka Semyaza). Go check out all the themes in all their glory. :)
  • 1/21/99 The RedHat wmconfig and the AfterStep method of menu creation don't really play well together, so a new/patched wmconfig can be obtained to smooth over this. Tomas Prochazka has done all the work, and the wmconfig page is here.
  • 1/11/99 The AfterStep Control Panel is onstantly being updated, ascp-0.9.x.
  • 1/5/99 An updated version of the Official AfterStep FAQ is available (1998-1-5).

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