August 2005


Okay, you guessed it, my name isn't really "Bean." My mom named me Rebecca, but she's just about the only one who calls me anything close to that anymore, except for telemarketers! It's easy to tell when the phone is REALLY for you.

I grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan in the middle-class suburb of St. Clair Shores. I am the oldest of 3 girls, and an INTP. I met my husband online in July of '96. I moved across the country from Michigan to Lake Tahoe, Nevada in November of the same year and we have been together ever since! We were married in August, 2002.

I enjoy reading and the arts, playing board games with friends, journaling, rock hunting, stargazing, baking and crafting.

Our daughter Annabel Lee joined the family in October, 2003. We also have a very cute black cat named Atilla.